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Rachel Huggins - remember the name. The rising London-based artist has released a new single, 'Feels So Good', from her upcoming EP Keep Dreaming. The soulful R&B ballad is a great match to Huggins' warm voice, and showcases another side to the singer after previous EP single 'Take Control'.

Speaking about the track, she describes it as an "old-fashioned love story" and "an expression of love similar to that which would have once been shared in a love letter. Sometimes we admire people from a distance, and the other person never really knows how valued they are to someone else. If someone makes you feel good, tell them!"

Huggins has plenty of experience in the music world, as a two-time finalist in the BBC's Gospel Choir of the Year competition, and contributing backing vocals for DJ Vadim and Sola Rosa. She's performed at major festivals including Glastonbury, and released another EP, Home, in 2016.

With Keep Dreaming out soon, be sure to keep an eye on Rachel Huggins! Check her out on Spotify here:

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