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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Nadine Coyle might be in the news these days for her I'm A Celebrity experience and accent, but we can't forget that she was in one of the most legendary girl bands of the 21st century. So here we have every Girls Aloud single, ranked for your viewing pleasure.

23. See The Day (2005)

Why? Why bother?

22. I Think We're Alone Now (2006)

The cover nobody asked for. The obligatory rendition of an '80s hit to fill the space on a greatest hits album, it's really not needed.

21. Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me (2012)

Again, was this really necessary? We think not.

20. Jump (2003)

Another cover? Originally recorded for Love, Actually, we don't love it, actually.

19. I'll Stand By You (2004)

Noticing a trend here? Okay, it was for Children In Need, but this was one thing we really didn't need. Let's face it, were any of Girls Aloud's covers amongst their best output?

18. Can't Speak French (2008)

This wasn't one of their best. It was fun and light-hearted, but there just wasn't much to it if we're being honest. There were better tracks on Tangled Up that could've been released as a single instead.

17. Love Machine (2004)

A contentious choice to be so low down, perhaps. It's one of their signature songs, but the whole disco-cum-The Smiths vibe doesn't really work for us. Sorry.

16. The Loving Kind (2009)

When GA dropped this, I was in Year 5 and I vividly remember being sat in class wishing that they could have just released 'The Promise' twice instead. Nonetheless, it proved to be a grower - it's just not as good as their best.

15. Something New (2012)

Comfortably the best of the two tracks the band left us with, it lacks the vigour of their vintage early releases, but it's a perfectly palatable listen.

14. Walk This Way (with Sugababes) (2007)

Finally, a cover that we actually like. We can't remember which incarnation of the Sugababes this was though - Heidi was in there, and we think Keisha was too.

13. Whole Lotta History (2006)

This was just a more mature 'Life Got Cold' really, wasn't it? It's not the most instantly memorable Girls Aloud single, but they got to show off their vocal prowess and it packed something of an emotional punch.

12. Something Kinda Ooooh (2006)

What on earth were these lyrics? But if we look past them, this was a pretty good pop song with plenty of fire in its belly.

11. Long Hot Summer (2005)

The first single to miss out on the top five, it's a bit underrated. We understand why it can be overshadowed by next single Biology, though.

10. Call The Shots (2007)

A good song. Not spectacular, but it's a genuinely pleasant listen with its catchy synthpop.

9. Life Got Cold (2003)

The slower single from the first album, it's the closest Girls Aloud have ever got to soft rock. A catchy little opening riff, too.

8. No Good Advice (2003)

'Sound of the Underground' is a tricky one to follow, but they managed it with another pop-rock banger in which the band show their rebellious side.

7. Untouchable (2009)

Not so much a straightforward pop song, but the last track to be released before Girls Aloud's three-year hiatus. It's trance-pop straight out of the Balearics, although for some reason we can't really imagine Nicola and Kimberley on ecstasy in Ibiza. Sarah, on the other hand...

6. Wake Me Up (2005)

Girls Aloud are best when they embrace rockier sounds, and this is probably their heaviest single. It won the Popjustice £20 Music Prize too - a fully deserved accolade.

5. The Promise (2008)

The lead single from Out of Control, it's a great track which sounds almost timeless. Whereas a lot of 2000s pop should be left firmly in the 2000s, this could well be released in 2019. Beats Ed fucking Sheeran, doesn't it?

4. Sexy! No No No... (2007)

One of Girls Aloud's most experimental singles, they combine three tracks in one. Its power pop sound looks back to punk for a striking jolt of a song that delivers a sharp buzz of electricity through our veins.

3. Biology (2005)

Again shunning the typical verse-chorus format, 'Biology' is a creative masterpiece with a music video to match. That's it.

2. Sound of the Underground (2002)

The banger that started it all. Fresh from winning Popstars: The Rivals it became Christmas number one of 2002. One True Voice? More like One Who Voice. Get it?

1. The Show (2004)

Little Mix could never. There was no better way to showcase a more mature, electropop sound after the Sound of the Underground than this. Simply put, it could well be one of the best tracks of the 2000s.

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