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Kate Tempest, Wolf Alice, Nadia Rose, M.I.A, Clean Bandit and Muncie Girls all have the right idea. Alongside them, we are endorsing Labour in the general election next week, and we outline why below.

For the last decade, we have seen funding to public services slashed, and rises in poverty, homelessness and child hunger. Working families are relying on food banks. Terminally ill people are being declared 'fit for work'. Children across the world are being injured and killed by countries this government calls allies.

If we want a future where young people can enjoy music and creative subjects at school, where we have a PM who doesn't talk about patting women "on the bottom" and call gay men "bumboys", and where we don't have people dying on our streets every week, we need a Labour government. If we want a future where healthcare is free at the point of use, we need a Labour government.

Labour's manifesto is the most radical for a generation. They are planning an overhaul of this country so that it works for everyone, and that's what we badly need right now. After 40 years of neoliberalism and public services being underfunded, we have a huge opportunity for change. There is another way forward instead of continued false promises and austerity, working families relying on food banks and the rising numbers of homeless people.

Jeremy Corbyn has spent over 30 years as an MP fighting for the rights of women, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and the working class - he is a fundamentally decent human being leading a party that has its issues, but deserves the opportunity to fix the damage done by David Cameron, Theresa May, and now Johnson. If you live in a constituency where Labour hold the seat or are the closest challengers to the Tories, we urge you to vote for them. It might be our last hope.

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